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Thank you all for attending our Winter Fundraiser!

Thanks for the generous donations from Dillon Consulting and Gallinger Ford

We would like to express our appreciation to Halton Power Equipment, 20 Main Street West, Milton for their “in kind” discount towards repair and servicing our mower. Phone: 905-875-3286, Email Us

We'd like to say thanks to Milton's Canadian Tire Store for assisting in the purchase of 2 gazebos and the Home Depot for discounting the purchase of a new lawnmower for the park.

We would also like to extend a special THANK YOU to the following companies for their donations toward our plant bed!

Petrie's and Taylor Nursery for donating soil

Dufferin Aggregates for donating Gravel

Fernridge Landscaping and Metro Grocery Store for plants

We would also like to thank Travelling Trees Ltd for delivering our new trees to our park.


Welcome to Leash Free Milton (LFM)!

Leash Free Milton is a registered Non-Profit Organization operated completely by valued volunteers. Our mission is to encourage responsible dog ownership and foster a sense of community and friendship among our patrons.

We work in conjunction with the Town of Milton to establish, maintain and organize specific areas where dogs’ owners can exercise and socialize their pets without infringing on the rights or sensibilities of people without dogs.

A condition on the continuance of leash free parks to remain in existence since the first park inception in May 2008 is that the Town of Milton liaises with a single volunteer organization that is responsible to maintain the inside of the park on self-funding basis. The volunteer organization called Leash Free Milton was established to fulfill this Town of Milton requirement.

Leash Free Milton is a volunteer organization that relies entirely on memberships, donations, corporate sponsorship and fund raising efforts. Funds help offset costs of fuel and maintenance of lawnmowers, assist with costs of gazebos for shelter, purchase of grass seed mixtures for over-seeding and aerating periods and purchase and plant trees for wind breaks. The inside area of the leash free parks are maintained completely by Leash Free Milton volunteers.

There are two off leash parks in the Town of Milton. “Central Bark” (2008) located at 230 Cedar Hedge Road and “Dogs Ruhl” (2015) situated within Sunny Mount Park at 255 Ruhl Road. Both parks are about 2.3 acres in size and completely fenced. Each contains a large open space, a 10’ x 50’ alternate area for those who chose, cannot or should not run with others, as well as a kid’s safety zone. You will find these to be great places to exercise your dog and meet new friends.

Please remember not all dog owners realize a dog park environment isn’t appropriate for every single dog. Some dogs, due to trauma or temperament are better off socializing in small groups or more controlled settings. When all humans in the dog park behave as responsible pet owners, it makes for a positive experience for everyone whether on two legs or four.

Please parents we strongly urge to keep small children in the kids’ area for their own and dogs’safety.  Remember this is a dog park not a children's park. Dogs have the right of way here and owners should not have to be watchful of children here.  You cannot possibly know the history, personality or past experiences of the dogs you may encounter. It only take a second for a child to be knocked over or worse by dogs running and playing in "Pack Mode"... not the same as at home where they know the rules. We do NOT want anyone to be hurt or frightened.

Your Committee,
Bob, Dean, Val, Kim & Tony