Welcome to Leash Free Milton

About Us


Leash Free Milton is a registered Non-Profit Organization operated completely by valued volunteers. Our mission is to encourage responsible dog ownership and foster a sense of community and friendship among our patrons.

We work in conjunction with the Town of Milton to establish, maintain and organize specific areas where dog owners can exercise and socialize their pets without infringing on the rights or sensibilities of people without dogs.

A condition on the continuance of Leash Free Milton parks is that the Town of Milton liaises with a single volunteer organization that that shall be responsible for maintaining the inside of the parks on a self-funding basis. This organization called Leash Free Milton was established in May of 2008 to fulfill this Town of Milton requirement.

Leash Free Milton is an organization that relies entirely on membership fees, donations, corporate sponsorship and fund raising efforts to pay for things like lawn equipment, fuel and maintenance of equipment, costs associated with upgrades like gazebos, picnic tables and communication boards, as well as grass seed, aerating  and trees for wind breaks.

Please remember not all dog owners realize a dog park environment isn’t appropriate for every single dog. Some dogs, due to trauma or temperament are better off socializing in small groups or more controlled settings. When all humans in the dog park behave as responsible pet owners, it makes for a positive experience for everyone whether on two legs or four.

Parents we strongly urge you to keep small children in the kids’ area for their own and dogs’ safety.  Remember this is a dog park not a children's park. Dogs have the right of way here and owners should not have to be watchful of children here.  You cannot possibly know the history, personality or past experiences of the dogs you may encounter. It only takes a second for a child to be knocked over, or worse by dogs running and playing in "Pack Mode"... not the same as at home where they know the rules. We do not want anyone to be hurt or frightened.

Your Committee,
Mark, Gabrielle, Dean, Jason and KellyAnn